("Hello Robot")

A product made to help all communities experience making their first robot!

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A kid playing with his finished ("Hello Robot") kit.

What is ("Hello Robot")?

The ("Hello Robot!") project was funded to help the community from all backgrounds to experience making their first robot. From our surveys, the majority of students have never built a robot. As a robotics team, we want to change that. To do that we created a robotics kit which consists of simple parts, and when put together create a small moving robot. Our goal is show the simplicity of robotics using these kits as well as create a learning tool for basic engineering concepts. However, in order to reach out as far as we can into the community, we need YOUR help. After providing kits and a demonstration, we want you to reach out and teach your friends the same thing.

How can I get one?

If you have not already attended a My First Robot learning session at the MLK Day of Service Volunteer Fair, then you must first take an overview the learning slides we have created and linked above. Our goal is to not only teach you, but for you to spread the fun to your friends or younger partners. Anyone 12 and up can become a teacher, and they are recommend to teach anyone 9 and up. If you were at the learning session at the MLK Day of Service you received a pack of 5 robot kits. Those kits are for you to teach to others. Unfortunately, if you did not receive a kits of 5, we do not have enough kits to provide everyone as of now. However, you can sign up in our waitlist to receive a kit when we have the materials ready. To receive the kits, we need to see your plan. Tell us who, when, and where you will be showcasing our kits. When we have the kits ready we will then ship them over. Another requirement is that you answer the review questions linked above, to show you have learned the basic engineering concepts needed to build the kits. Finally, we need to know who you are, so once you have completed a plan and answered the review questions submit this form to sign up, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I make one?

Here are some resources for helping you get started